Harvey Help

Please click the link below if you live in Katy and need assistance following Hurricane Harvey!
If you would like to host a family or are looking for more ways to volunteer, please visit www.Katydisasterresponse.com



Dear Church Family,

I just wanted to update you on some of the work that has been done by our church family on behalf of those that have suffered and are suffering because of Hurricane Harvey.  Please continue to be in prayer and continue to help in Jesus’ name!  Remember…if the Holy Spirit leads you…pray with those you are helping.  Many people are open to spiritual things in times like these.  Let’s not lose the opportunity!

With regard to what Trinity’s doing:

  1. We are on a list to house officers from out of town and/or the state with the Katy Police Department.  Two of our families have volunteered their “mother-in-law” apartment to house them and several of you have volunteered your showering facilities for us to house some here at the church.  We haven’t heard yet, but we may hear soon with Katy schools and businesses opening back up soon or already have opened for business.  Thank you!
  2. The United Bible Study class (Brad Dial and others in leadership) have helped two families,
  3. Chris and Cherish Thompson have been helping in the community (many homes) with the Boy Scout Troop they are a part of,
  4. Charles and Valerie Greene have helped a family in need,
  5. Many of you (I wish I could name all of you) have helped Beth Crukshank and her father (twelve to fifteen people over the weekend),
  6. The Oehler’s have received some help,
  7. The McAdoo’s have received some help,
  8. And finally, there are two families that we need to pay special attention to in the coming days…the Regner’s and the Bland’s.  These two families (that are a part of our church family) still have water in their neighborhood/home.  When we can, we need to help them with clean up and with rebuilding.  This may be a longer term need.  Let’s be ready to help them!
  9. Also, there is an opportunity for our children to get involved while they’re home from school!  I believe Valerie and Anne-Marie have posted it on the women’s facebook page, but Shanyn Zink (a newer part of our fellowship) works with the Texas Baptist Men and wants to provide a hand-drawn picture of encouragement by a child to take to those in need who receive help (meals or relief work).  Please contact her (713-206-8148) if you need more info or see the post on our women’s facebook page.

I know there are many others that have helped and are helping and I hope you know that you are blessing others and receiving a blessing even if your name was not on this email.  Please keep it up!  God bless and stay tuned…

Pastor Josh




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