Anne-Marie Helmer, Director of Preschool

Anne-Marie has served as Director of Preschool Ministry at Trinity since March 2015.  She has previously served in the Preschool Ministry as a volunteer both at Trinity and at International Baptist Church in Sandvika, Norway. Her professional preschool teaching experience includes 5 years working in the classroom at St. Peter’s Early Childhood Development Center here in Katy.  Anne-Marie considers it a privilege to welcome our youngest children into the Church and come alongside their families so that home and church can work together to lay the foundation for faith and spiritual growth in these children.  Anne-Marie holds a Bachelor of Science in Video Production from Liberty University and the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree in English literature and language from the University of Oslo, Norway.  She worked in Commercial Television Production in Norway for 9 years before moving to the U.S. and Katy with her family.  Anne-Marie is married to Don and their two daughters are now in High School.

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