Baptist Faith & Message


Trinity Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist congregation and participates in the national, state and local levels of Baptist life. While Southern Baptist churches are autonomous and participation in these various levels of Baptist life is voluntary, it is important to note that Baptists have come together to write a "statement of faith" for participating churches that has been updated through the years.  This statement of faith is called the Baptist Faith and Message and it is NOT a creed or a confession of faith that is binding on any particular Baptist individual or church.  As one noted Baptist historian has written, "(These confessions of faith) express consensus and, thus, rarely satisfy extreme partisans on either side". This statement is found in "The Baptist Heritage:  Four Centuries of Baptist Witness" by Leon McBeth.

Southern Baptists came together and wrote a statement of faith in 1925 and updated it in 1963 and 2000. Together, they are a good picture of what Baptists believe and what we hold dear.  Because they are not creedal and every Baptist church is autonomous, every Baptist church has the freedom to interpret scripture for themselves, but these statements are wonderful statements written by very capable Baptist theologians.  While scripture is held in the highest regard, Trinity Baptist Church uses these statements as a guide for church doctrine and church life.

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