International Missions

Trinity Baptist Church not only sends financial support overseas; we are actively involved in international ministry.
Kenya, Africa
Many of our church members have ties with missionaries in other countries and even have direct ties with organizations like Living Water International (that drills water wells in underdeveloped countries) and orphanages in Kenya, Africa.
Past Missions Work: Cuba, Belize and Costa Rica
Trinity encourages and supports international missions by providing at least one trip every year.  Trinity worked with a church in Santa Clara, Cuba for three years.  During that time, we  helped start four other missions  out of that church.  Presently, we are ministering with a church in Costa Rica. Our International trip for 2017 was to Punta Gorda, Belize. This was our third year to work with local church and Pastor Pop.
International Mission Trip 2018
Our team will be going to Nicaragua from July 24th-31st. We will be serving from the Rancho Ebenezer, in the town of Niquinchma. Our ministry will be with children and adults of the local church, as well as farm and ranch work, including some construction projects
We thank God that we live in a time in which overseas missions can be such a viable and vibrant part of our ministry at Trinity.

Please contact Pastor Josh Guajardo for more information.



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