The world seems to have gotten a lot smaller recently.  Even a decade or two ago, an international trip was a huge undertaking and not to be taken lightly.  Today, business travelers board an airplane for meetings and business around the globe monthly and even weekly.  Families take international vacations without a second thought.  The internet and smart phones have made the world a much smaller place.


In the summer of 2015, Trinity members are preparing for an international opportunity in Belize. Working with local churches, we will engage in a variety of ministries, based in part on the skills of the team and on the needs of the community.

Kenya, Africa

That bodes well for churches like Trinity that wants to do missions in places around the world.  Many of our church members have ties with missionaries in other countries and even have direct ties with organizations like Living Water International (that drills water wells in underdeveloped countries) and orphanages in Kenya, Africa.

Peru and Cuba

Trinity encourages and supports international missions by providing at least one trip internationally every year.  After getting permission from our State Department, Trinity took trips to and worked with a church in Santa Clara, Cuba for three years.  During that time we worked with their ministry and also helped start four other missions (that we know of) out of that church.  Presently, we are ministering with a church in Costa Rica that has various ministries throughout the city of Heredia and will return to assist their efforts to plant other churches.  Other places that are currently on our "radar screen" (places where our Missions Team has discussed ministering in) are Peru and Africa.

France, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Africa, and Russia

Trinity has encouraged some of our own college and high school students by providing support for them to go on international mission trips themselves.  Countries where our students have served are France, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Russia and Kenya.  Our College and Career class has recently been involved in a campaign called "Two Bucks a Cluck" to help an orphanage in Africa to have a chicken farm so that they can become self sustaining.


We thank God that we live in a time in which overseas missions can be such a viable and vibrant part of our ministry at Trinity.


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