Student Mission Trip

This year our Trinity Baptist Student Ministry had the wonderful opportunity to partner with “Blueprint Ministries” in San Antonio, Texas. We took part in a week long effort to restore the exterior pieces of homes. This allowed us to serve people who cannot afford to refurbish their homes on the outside and allowed us an opportunity to present the Gospel through active service.
“I saw Christ primarily through the fellowship I shared with our church team. The pure joy experienced in the moments we spent together could not have been bestowed upon us by any other being than our Lord, Jesus Christ. I also feel that I have experienced Christ in the revelation of my calling to ministry during worship this week.” - Rebekah Greene
“I saw Christ when Aiden got stuck on the roof and we all cheered him on and were praying for him.” - Jake Steffes
“I saw Jesus in Tobias, no matter what, he always put his best and pushed himself past his limits” - Aiden Zigman



To Glorify GOD Through Worship, Fellowship, Instruction, Evangelism and Service!